We seek a "moderate life environment"
and are engaged in development and manufacturing activities.

The “moderate life environment” is a large goal of Earth Engineering’s activities with “a healthy and appropriate environment for people to live” in mind.

With a technical team with more than founded in 1978 of experience in the industrial machine development field, we aim to create products in “pursuit of good health”; that is suisonia.

"Expanding the health zone"
That is the mission of our research and development team.

We look at life longevity as our main approach.
Japan has become one of the world's leading countries in terms of life longevity.
Our concern has become “to live healthy”, more than merely extending the life span.

For example, even if the motor function declines by age, or one might experience a serious illness and may not be well enough to live a normal daily life, we believe it is important to live everyday by saying, "I am healthy now", while firmly accepting each situation without having to live a life relying on doctors and going to hospitals.

"Expanding the health zone" is a symbol of our desire to convey to more people who do not want to rely on others because of their own health situation.

To those who are busy, whether in a stressful environment, those with disabilities, athletes engaged in intense exercises, or those who feel the influence of aging;
it is our desire to deliver these messages to everyone.